Photoshop Halftone Patterns

Commercial for Days of culture - ימי תרבות

Pais מפעל הפיס 2014 

Illustration: Assaf Benharroch

Animation: O&A Animation & Post Production

Advertising agencyAdler Chomski Group

Double Aharoni - פעמיים אהרוני

Opening for a Cooking TV show - Channel 10, Israel.
Creative director And design - Studio Oren Green.
Illustration - Assaf Benharroch.

A short opening movie I made for “Asif” animation festival - Tel Aviv, august 2014.

De Dominicis Creative Agency | Assaf Benharroch

Great news!
I am honored to be officially represented by De Dominicis Agency!!

Video clip for the song “like autumn leaves” of Naftali Kon.
Created By Assaf Benharroch, Studio Poink 2014.

My illustration for Sunday Review - The New York Times.A short story by Lipika PelhamArt director Aviva Michaelov.

My illustration for Sunday Review - The New York Times.
A short story by Lipika Pelham
Art director Aviva Michaelov.

A wine advertisement (rejected).

My Illustration for a TV opener for a cooking program. 

Studio Oren Green

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